Save Time and Money

Could Your Business Benefit from Assistance that Will Save it Time and Help it Succeed? Partnering with Us Will Reduce Your Costs and Give You More Time to Focus on Your Business Mission.

We are independent contractors who can help you with administrative, creative and technical services while you focus on what is important to you in your business.

Some of our administrative services include:  event scheduling, correspondence, travel arrangements, database management, Microsoft Office, and research.  Some of our creative and technical services include:  social media, marketing and research, desktop publishing, web/graphic design, blogging, newsletters, writing and editing.

Communication with clients is easily accomplished using tools such as email, phone, Skype, instant messaging, web conferencing, online calendars, etc.

The Key Benefits of Partnering with Us

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Partnering With Us Will Save You Money.  You only pay for services you need when you need them.  Since we are independent contractors, you will not need to pay benefits and time off including vacations, sick pay, 401K, insurance, workers compensation and taxes.  We also pay for our own office space, supplies, and software, saving you even more money.

Partnering With Us is Efficient. We are completely focused on your business tasks during the time allotted. We can assist you on a regular basis or when you need extra assistance. Unlike working with employees, you will not be paying for personal phone chats, internet browsing, co-worker socializing, coffee breaks or other office distractions.  The absence of office distractions allows us to complete tasks quickly and efficiently.  Also, it has been found that remote workers are 11%-20% more productive when performing creative tasks.

No More Dealing With Worker Issues. When you partner with us, you will not need to worry about someone re-learning your business again and again.  No more dealing with employee supervision,  turnover, or temps with limited skills.  We are entrepreneurs and providing quality service to maintain long-term client relationships is important to us. 

More Time Left For You to Focus on Your Business.  As a business owner, you do not need to do it all! Partnering with us gives you access to a resource that can provide you with a wide range or assistance, including administrative, creative and technical services. This will allow you to focus on the most important aspects of your business to help it grow faster and more efficiently.  

A Win-Win Arrangement! - Our service rates are competitive and time, money, and effort are saved for both client and assistant.