Get Free WordPress Installation and Setup

Free Wordpress Site Setup

Get Free WordPress Installation and Setup!

Save Time and Money With Our Easy Process! Read on to find out how and Contact Us if you have questions.

If you want to get started working on your new website or blog without having to learn the technical stuff, or you want to save time and money, Let VirtualAssistantAce.com set it up for you! We will get your site up and running in 72 hours or less!

Wordpress is a very popular choice for creating personal blogs, small business websites, and ecommerce sites because it is a very user friendly and flexible software package. We will handle the site installation, plugin and theme installation and optimization of your site. Let us do the work for you for free! Read on to find out more…

Why Should You Get a Website or Blog?

1) You need to have an online presence for your business. This is essential nowadays to sell more products and services.

2) If you would like to make extra income, a Wordpress site can help. You can use your Wordpress site to start your own blog. Many people make money with blogging by moneterizing their blogs with affiliate programs, services and products.

Why Choose Us to Install Your Site?

Our expertise will ensure that your site is installed correctly, giving you piece of mind. There are many benefits of having us install your site for you:

Save Time – If you’ve never installed WordPress yourself then you’ll need to spend some time learning about how to set up WordPress and learn about web hosts, cPanels and more before you get started. Even if you have installed Wordpress before, you might want to save time and have someone set it up for you.

Do It Right – Having your site installed correctly the first time by an expert avoids the frustration of making mistakes or finding that your site has problems or does not work correctly. You will avoid hours of troubleshooting and calls to tech support.

Security – Some website owners have had their sites hacked. We will add security to your site to make sure it is well protected.

Plugins – There are thousands of plugins available for WordPress to enhance its functionality, such as plugins for “Contact Us” forms. We will ensure that the most essential and best plugins for your site are installed.

Put our expertise to work for you - for FREE! Read on to learn more.
We Add Lots of Extras and Value to Your Free Setup!

Our free Installation and setup service will give you what you need to get started with your site fast! We will quickly get your website set up for success including a great design, search engine friendly setup, and lots of extra plugins to customize your site.

All of the below are included with your free installation:

WordPress Installation – We will install the latest version of Wordpress.

WordPress Setup – We will customize all the WordPress settings for best functionality.

Theme Installation – We will install the WordPress theme (site design) you choose, giving your site the look and feel that you want. (The themes are easy to change if you decide you want a different one later, even after you write content on your site.)

Blog – We will customize your site to either have blog functionality or not, depending on your specifications.

About Page – We will include an “About Us” Page to let users know who you are.

Contact Us Page – We will install a contact form on your site that will send message inquiries to an email address you provide.

Backup Plugin – To ensure that your site’s data will be safe in the event that something ever goes wrong, we will install a backup plugin that will allow you to create automated backups of your website.

Security Setup – We will set up your site to make sure that it is as safe as possible from hackers.

Social Media Icons – We will set up links to Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+ etc.

72 Hour Completion Time – We will complete the setup of your site within 72 hours from the time you submit your order form.

Why We Can Provide Our Service for Free

We have a partnership with Hostgator that allows us to offer our service to you free of charge. When you purchase web hosting through us, we get a commission from Hostgator, which covers our costs. Every website needs hosting to have a place to store the website’s data. The data is stored on your hosts server. Hostgator is one of the most popular web hosting providers. They have solutions for small sites and business sites and have great prices.

Our service, is a win-win arrangement both for our customers and for us. You pay nothing in addition to your necessary hosting fees (which you would pay regardless of how you set up your site). And because our partnership with Hostgator allows us to offer our setup service for free, using our service is an advantage for you that will save you time and money without any cost to you. That’s a type of deal that you don’t often get. It would take you hours to set up and optimize your site and time is money. If you were going to pay someone to do the setup for you, it would cost you extra money that you can now save towards promotion of your site or other things.

What to Expect

After you send us the details we need to set up your site, you can simply relax and wait for us to do all the work for you. We will send you a report on the details of what has been done for your site after the setup is complete.

Wordpress sites are easy to use. You will be able to easily add new content including photos and new pages. We will provide you with your site setup, and from there, you will be responsible for the usage of yours site.

Your site will include a “home page”, “a blog”, an “about us” page and a “contact us page”. Your site will have some placeholder content to help you to understand the site’s functionality. You will be able to easily replace this content with your own.

You can change your login information after we have set up your site. Your site is going to be ready to launch within 72 hours!

We Want You to Love Your New Site

If you experience any problems with our free service, we will assist you to resolve the issue at no charge. We do not offer a money back guarantee for our free plan since it is free, but if you would like service that is in addition to our free offer, we will be happy to provide extra service at our current rate!

Get Your Free Site Setup Today!

This offer is completely free to you. We only ask that you buy web hosting through us (which you would need to buy anyway for your site). Click the button below and we will get started with setting up your site today!

Don’t miss this great deal. We are not sure how long we will be able to offer this amazing service, so act fast.

To Your Success!

- The Virtual Assistant Ace Team

Important: If you already have an account with Hostgator you are not eligible for this service. This offer is for new customers ONLY.