When you partner with us, you only pay for services you need, as you need them.  We offer
very competitive rates for our ongoing services as well as for one-time projects such as
web design.

Our general services include three payment types:  (1)  An hourly rate  (2)  Month to month charges for reserved service hours.  (3)  Fixed price projects, which are recommended for projects that can be well-defined.  Form more information on these payment types, please see below.  Prices may vary based on client needs.  Feel free to Contact Us with any inquiries.  We require a signed agreement prior to starting any work.

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Hourly Rate

Our regular hourly rate is $40 an hour.  Use as many or as few hours as you need.
No ongoing commitment.  A 50% deposit is required to start and the balance is due
at the end of the service.  There is a 1 hour minimum for all services.

Monthly Service Plan Rates

Monthly service rates are based on a specific number of service hours a client reserves each month.   This is a monthly ongoing service that requires at least a 3 month minimum commitment. Monthly service fees are invoiced before the start of each month and payment needs to be made in full before the start of service each month.  Actual service hours that exceed a client’s pre-paid monthly hours will be charged at the regular hourly rate.  Additional fees, as outlined below in our “Additional Fees” section, are not included and will be charged separately. A minimum of one (1) hour will be charged for all invoices, which applies to the entire billing cycle. Hours that are not used within the month do not carry over to the next month. Monthly service plans are not transferable or refundable. A 30-day written notice is required to cancel the monthly service.

Project-Based Plan (Fixed Pricing) and Packages

Fixed price projects, are recommended for projects that can be well-defined, such as web design, and we offer packages for some of these services.  Prior to the start of a project, clients are required to pay a deposit of 50%, and the balance is due at the end of the project. An estimated project time-frame will be quoted prior to starting a project.

Making Payments

Payments are accepted through PayPal only in U.S. dollars (a PayPal account is not necessary for payment). Payments are net 5 from the invoice date. A $100 late fee will be applied for every week that the client is late after that time. Any funds returned uncredited to VAA from Client will be subject to a charge of thirty ($30.00) US dollars plus any additional costs incurred by VAA. VAA reserves the right to suspend or terminate the services to Client until full payment has been made of any amount past due. All invoices must be paid in full prior to the release of any work performed by VAA for Client. All fees for services are billed in real time with a one hour minimum billing per invoice.

Additional Fees

Additional fees are not included in the ongoing monthly service charge or project charges and will be charged separately.  Some examples include:  communication time such as long distance phone calls, postage, envelopes, fax, shipping, printing, ink cartridges, copies, albums, flash drives, CD’s, DVD’s or disks-if needed, travel time and expenses, special software, and any other office supplies specific to the client’s needs.

Rush Jobs

There may be additional charges for projects completed outside of our regular business hours, weekends and holidays.  Rush jobs will be completed within a 3-day time frame. You will be charged an additional 50% of the project total cost. For example, if the original cost of your project was $100, it will become $150.

Rates Disclosure

All of our rates are subject to change.  After 30 days, quoted rates are subject to change.  Client’s needs vary so rates may be negotiated to meet those needs.